Practical & functional full-cassette folding arm awning systems 

Balanced Contemporary Designs

Versatile full cassette which adapts to all spaces and can be operated either manually or via a motor. Fantastic tilt capabilities, making it ideal for installation on balconies and providing protection from the sun at the beginning or end of the day. Our awnings don’t require any additional support. The pitch inclination is always 0-75°.

Versatile and Seemless

Experience the numerous advantages of installing an awning, including sun protection, a cozy shaded area for customers to enjoy a beverage, or additional shelter for outdoor gatherings. Awnings offer a versatile and effective solution that enhances both the functionality and aesthetics of your home or business. Create a comfortable retreat in any weather with our diverse selection of awnings, from retractable to patio styles, providing shade in summer and a protected spot for outdoor activities in less favourable conditions. Expand your living or commercial space with an appealing awning that complements your outdoor area perfectly. Our comprehensive range includes everything from classic Victorian box awnings to modern folding arm and spring tensioned designs, suitable for any size of garden or patio. With professional installation, we ensure a seamless integration with your property. Whether for commercial or residential use, our awnings meet all your needs, providing style, comfort,

We offer a wide variety of outdoor solutions suitable for both commercial and residential projects.

Our Awnings


What is an awning?

Awning designs are crafted to shield individuals from both sunlight and rainfall. Available in a diverse array of systems, sizes, and installation options, outdoor awnings range from compact units to expansive canopies capable of covering substantial areas.

Why choose an awning?

Awnings enhance outdoor spaces by offering solar protection that prevents buildings from overheating and reduces unwanted solar glare. Portable awnings are ideal for hosting business meetings or family gatherings.

What are the best fabrics for awnings?

For awnings, we highly recommend Irisun acrylic fabrics and Serge Ferrari PVCs, which are crafted and rigorously tested across Europe to ensure the highest quality and a variety of design options.

Can awnings withstand the wind and offer sun protection?

Yes, awnings are engineered to provide sun protection and withstand levels of wind classification 3. They effectively shield against UV rays and help maintain cooler temperatures in outdoor spaces and nearby interiors.