Garden Design

We provide a comprehensive garden design consultancy, encompassing landscape design, construction management, planting, and garden styling services.

25 Year Guarantee

We engage in every facet of the design and build process, covering both hard and soft landscaping as well as planting design. I provide a personalised service, conducting extensive client consultations to ensure that my vision aligns seamlessly with your desires and requirements. My guiding philosophy is centered on crafting stylish yet practical spaces that prioritise nature and climate consciousness. This approach ensures that client needs are not only met but also incorporates considerations for minimising carbon footprint and promoting biodiversity.

Throughout the design process, our primary emphasis is on attentive listening to our clients. We initiate the journey by understanding your vision and the desired ambiance for your garden. Subsequently, we seamlessly blend elements of art, design, architecture, and horticulture to craft an immersive space that leaves a lasting impact. 

We provide a multi-disciplinary service dedicated to crafting distinctive and individual spaces that enhance and promote your business. Our team, comprised of world-class creative garden designers, landscape architects, experienced project managers, and dedicated gardeners, collaborates with a shared aim: to create spaces that inspire and delight, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Whether your preference leans towards a contemporary or classic garden style, Willows collaborates closely with you to develop unique, functional solutions tailored to your preferences, needs, and budget. This approach is executed with sensitivity to the site and its surroundings.