Stylish and Durable Modern Steel Fencing

Strong & Maintenance free fencing

After a hectic day, many of us prefer the tranquility of undisturbed peace. Our gardens serve as personal havens, offering a perpetual slice of paradise. It’s time to fully embrace this blissful space—sustainably and wholeheartedly—with our steel fence.

This elegant fencing solution ensures your privacy with its sleek design, suitable for any garden style. Whether yours is a romantic garden bursting with blooms or a minimalist landscape our Steel fences adds the perfect finishing touch without overshadowing the beauty of your outdoor retreat.

Sustainable Steel

Our Classico range are made from galvanised steel (hot-dip galvanised).

The steel plates feature a zinc coating of 275g/m2. We use only high-quality steel sourced from reputable European suppliers. Our steel production process is both high-tech and efficient, encompassing every step from raw material to the final product.

Embrace your blissful outdoor retreat sustainably and wholeheartedly with our Steel fence. Whether your garden boasts the lush, romantic allure of an English garden filled with vibrant flowers, or the modern minimalism of trimmed lime trees and a sleek swimming pond, our Telluria fence adds the perfect finishing touch without detracting from the beauty of your outdoor space.

Secure, ecological and maintenance free with a 20 year manufacturer warranty