Composite Decking

Elevate Your Outdoors: Unmatched Beauty, Enduring Durability

Willows Fencing ensures that all our composite decking installation projects are overseen by skilled and dedicated professionals. The installation of composite decking is more intricate due to its advanced nature and higher raw material costs. Our fitters and installers possess the requisite experience to execute flawless installations.

Recognising the unique factors involved in composite decking installations, we follow specific practices distinct from traditional timber deck installations to achieve a perfect finish. Our commitment to professionalism and extensive industry experience sets us apart, making us the preferred decking company for outdoor spaces in Glasgow and surrounding.

Benefits of Composite Decking

Composite decking, crafted from a blend of recycled hardwood and polymer (plastic composite), is available in various pre-fabricated colors. It offers easy installation, high durability, complete splinter-free characteristics (unlike timber decking), weather resistance, and minimal maintenance requiring only cleaning with soapy water.

From an ecological standpoint, composite decking utilises wood waste and recycled polymers, making it an environmentally beneficial choice with recyclable offcuts. While composite decking falls within a higher-end price range compared to natural wood, its design ensures a longer lifespan in most cases, justifying the investment.