Driveway Gates

Secure Your Space with Style

Where Security Meets Elegance

Introducing our range of railing Gates, it is an exceptional railing solution crafted from premium-grade steel. Our gate railings offer versatile installation options: they can be mounted between existing pillars, or as part of a railing fence, catering to your garden’s specific layout.

Constructed from durable 16mm galvanised steel tubing and a robust frame, Our Railing comes in various standard heights up to 

Hand-finished in our UK workshops, our railing gates presents a superior, cost-effective, and visually appealing alternative to traditional wrought iron, sparing you the expense and maintenance hassles often associated with it.

Why Choose Willows Railings

Durable, Secure, and Tailored to Your Needs – Which Gate Suits You Best?

Introducing Willows Gate, specifically crafted to complement our other products. These lockable gates offer versatility with a variety of components and colours, mirroring the customisation options available for ColourFence:

  • Opt for a plain or trellis top design.
  • Select from 5 off-the-shelf colors.

The ColourFence gate comes with a minimum width of 880mm, and off-the-shelf height options ranging from 0.9m to 2.00m. Explore the available sizes:

Single Leaf Gates:

  • Width: Min 880mm, Max 1660mm
  • Height: Min 900mm, Max 2100mm

Double Leaf Gates:

  • Width: Min 1760mm, Max 3320mm
  • Height: Min 900mm, Max 2100mm

Additionally, all Willows gates can be tailored to bespoke sizes, with a maximum height of 2100mm and a maximum width of 3320mm. Embrace the freedom to mix and match colors between panels, posts, and trellis components, creating a personalised and visually appealing combination. Choose the ColourFence Gate for a resilient and customisable solution tailored to your preferences.