Terms & Conditions

Adjacent property

We ask that you liaise with the owners of the adjacent property so that we may be allowed to access both sides of the fence for installation.

We will attempt to leave the installation site as we find it, however, fencing by its very nature is intrusive and at times damage to shrubs and plants etc. is inevitable although of course, we will attempt to minimise our impact.


Unless instructed to the contrary, posts will be installed on your property as indicated by you or from the position of any replaced fence.

If any doubt exists as to the property boundaries, you will need to peg the line of the fence.

We cannot get involved in disputes over boundaries or advise on boundary matters. If during the course of an installation, a dispute serves to materially delay progress, Climar Industries Ltd reserves the right to levy an additional charge for lost time at the then prevailing standard rate.

Gate positioning

Unless instructed to the contrary gates will be hung on the back of posts and will swing into your property.

Underground services

If you are aware of any underground service on or near the fence line, including telephone cables, power cables, water, gas, drainage or sewage, you are required to notify us before the commencement of works.


In rare circumstances where additional work is required that could not have been foreseen before the commencement of the installation i.e. an underground stream, storm drains, buried foundations, etc. it may be necessary to make a charge for this additional work including any additional materials needed to circumnavigate the obstruction.

In these circumstances the situation will be discussed with you and any additional charges agreed before the installation continues.

If you will not be present during the installation a contact number will be required so that we may liaise with you before proceeding.

Additional time or materials required due to inaccurate estimating are not the responsibility of the client and do not get passed on.

All agreed additional works will be completed in an expeditious and cost-efficient manner.

Access to services

Unless noted on our quotation, we assume we will have access to basic facilities including electricity supply, water and a W.C.

Planning permission

Planning permission is strictly a matter for the customer and although we will not knowingly erect a fence in contravention of planning law, we cannot be held responsible for your non-compliance.

Planning permission is covered under the Town & Country Planning General Development Order 1977 and states that any fence over 2m high or in excess of 1m in height when adjacent to a public road used by vehicles needs planning permission.

If in doubt we would advise you to check with your Local Council before acceptance of our quote, as Councils can, and do, interpret the legislation differently.

Cancelling An Order

In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013, you have 14 days from the day after you place an order to notify Climar Industries Ltd Head Office of your intention to cancel, during which you are entitled to a full refund of any deposit paid, provided that work has not begun or bespoke items have not been made. The refund will be issued via the same method by which the deposit was paid and will be completed within 5 working days of receipt of the notification to cancel. Installation will not commence until the end of this 14-day period. If you request that Climar Industries Ltd Head Office commence work before the end of the 14-day cooling off period, you will be liable to pay for the work that has been completed and items that have been installed. 

Cancelling an order after the end of the cooling off period may result in a cancellation fee being charged and bespoke items will not be refunded.

Payment Terms


For installations using standard colours and componentry colours we will require a 25% deposit to confirm your order. However, for bespoke Fence and Rail installations, or non-standard colours we would ask for 50%.


The balance due is payable immediately on completion of the works unless prior arrangements have been agreed in writing in advance.

If you are not going to be present at the scheduled completion of the works, we will require a valid credit or debit card details along with your prior authorisation to charge the amount due on completion, or alternatively a cheque can be left with your authorised representative.

Of course if you will be present, we are happy to accept payment by cheque, credit or debit card.

The amount payable should be handed to the Climar Industries Ltd Lead Fitter and a receipt obtained.

Cheques should be made payable to Climar Industries Ltd Head Office.

We do not accept cash except by prior arrangement.

The fencing remains the property of Climar Industries Ltd Head Office until the balance owing is paid in full.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your installation at any stage, please report this to the Lead Fitter immediately.

The Lead Fitter will attempt to rectify the situation to your satisfaction before leaving your premises. 

If the situation cannot be resolved we would ask you to telephone our Head Office immediately to outline your complaint and follow this up in writing within 72 hours.

We will respond in writing within 3 working days and endeavour to resolve the situation amicably within 10 days.

If a mutually acceptable resolution cannot be achieved we are happy to utilise the services of an arbitration body.