Accredited and fully equipped tree surgeons.

Tree Surgery & Hedge Removal Services

Tree Pruning: Our arborists specialise in reducing the size of trees to allow more sunlight into your garden. Annual pruning is crucial for tree health, strengthening stumps and branches while encouraging new growth.

Crown Reduction & Reshaping: Alleviate the dominance of a tree with crown reduction, removing unwanted weight from branch tips. Our experienced tree surgery professionals ensure minimal wounding, preserving the natural shape. Whether you need crown lifting, crow thinning, or reshaping, our experts will guide you.

Tree Removal: Our professional tree removal experts cut down trees from the top, gradually reducing size until they reach the trunk. Afterward, arborists can grind or level down the remaining tree stump.

Emergency Tree Work and Deadwood Removal: Our tree surgeons promptly handle fallen or broken branches and entire trees after storms or strong winds.

Stump Grinding: We level and remove leftover tree stumps, ensuring a clean and even finish.

Ivy Removal: If overgrown ivy exceeds 4 meters, our local tree services in Glasgow’s can manage its removal.

Tree Pollarding: We specialise in heavy pruning for specific tree species.

Tree Cutting Back: Cutting back to boundaries and removing branches encroaching on properties.

Green Waste Disposal: Our arborists offer free removal of up to one black bin bag of green waste. Complete green waste removal is available upon request for an additional charge

Hedge Removal: Hedges may be perceived as intrusive by some, while others appreciate the sense of privacy and security they provide. If you choose to remove hedges from your property, consider what you will replace them with.

We can assist in determining the appropriate tree pruning technique needed to maintain or enhance the tree’s appearance, health, and safety. Our services include shaping with tree trimming, eliminating branches that rub against each other, and removing diseased, dead, or weak limbs. While tree removal is only considered as a last resort, there are situations where it becomes necessary. Removal may be essential when a tree is dying or causing an obstruction that cannot be resolved through pruning. Our tree surgeons possess the specialised skills and equipment needed to ensure safe and efficient tree removal. Emergency tree care becomes necessary when there is significant damage to limbs or the entire tree. Removing a tree should not be done without seeking the guidance of a qualified tree surgeon to perform emergency tree care in a safe manner. This approach minimizes the risk of damaging your property or surrounding trees.

Whether large or small, shaping and trimming hedges of all sizes is well within our capabilities.