Investing in a Willow’s garden fence or Pergolas ensures an economical option for securing your garden’s future. The Willows products are  supplied and professionaly installed .

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ColourFence 25 Year Guarantee

Our ColorFences comes with a 25-year guarantee, making it the best choice for garden fencing in the UK. Willows Fencing provides a distinctive blend of functionality and stunning aesthetics unmatched by any other product. Its sturdy and enduring build ensures unparalleled security and protection for your garden without the need for maintenance. This is just one of the numerous advantages that Willows Fencing offers to its owners; the maintenance-free feature not only saves you significant money in the long term but also spares you countless hours of time and hassle associated with treating and maintaining alternative products.

ColourFence Design Options

Available in Five Stylish Colors Choose from five elegant colours, and get creative by mixing and matching components to craft your unique look and style. Whether you lean towards the classic appeal of green, brown, cream, blue, or the new addition for 2023 – grey, there’s truly something for everyone!

ColourFence Sizes Our fence panels boast a standard width of 2.35m, with off-the-shelf height options ranging from 0.9m, 1.2m, 1.5m, 1.8m to 2.00m tall. Additionally, we offer bespoke panels to tailor the fencing to your garden, ensuring we find the perfect solution for your needs.

ColourFence Designs Choose from plain panels or trellis panels with options for ball tops or flat tops to complete your design. We also provide basket hangers for your fence, adding vibrancy and allowing you to personalise it with your favourite plants and flowers. If you desire a combination of any of the above, just let us know!

Willow’s Pergolas

We all share a dream of all year-round outdoor enjoyment, and Willow’s is dedicated to helping you create indoor-style comfort with our affordable and durable aluminium pergolas and verandas. Enhance your outdoor experience by adding high-quality glass sliding doors, extending your outdoor living to a larger part of the year. With Willow’s Outdoor Living products, you can embrace the best of every season right at home.

Opting for an aluminium pergola or veranda from Willow’s ensures a combination of class and quality. Aluminium stands out for its durability, colour fastness, and low maintenance. We utilise high-quality aluminium for various situations, maintaining our commitment to excellence. 

25 Years Affordable Maintenance free fencing

Made in Britian
Withstands Gusts of 130 mps
Professional Assured

Willow’s Fencing Gates

Consider incorporating a gate into your project with our deluxe garden gates. These gates boast fully welded solid panels, providing added strength in construction, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or wider driveways. For enhanced security, they can be paired with our heavy-duty deadlock bolts. Some customers opt for an upgrade from our standard gates, drawn to the deluxe gates for their preference for a squarer look.

Discover inspiration in styling your garden project with ColourFence’s modern, metal garden fencing. Our collection of contemporary colors and the option to “mix and match” them empower you to unleash your creative side.

 Experience the blend of quality, durability and aesthetic appeal that only we can offer

Why Choose Willow Fencing

Create your own design

Looking for a product tailored to your unique garden space? Coupled with your creativity, to bring your ideal garden to life. We can provide a realistic visualisation of how to craft a garden space that suits your preferences. Customise your dream garden down to the minutest details.

With Willow’s Fencing, you have the opportunity to take control of designing your dream garden. 

Require assistance? Our team of experts is here to guide you every step of the way, from measurements to installation.


ColourFence Steel fencing, exemplified by Willows Fencing, stands out as the ultimate solution for garden fencing in the UK, offering a distinctive blend of practicality and aesthetics that surpasses any other product. With its robust and durable construction, it ensures an unparalleled level of security and protection for your garden, all while requiring no maintenance.


One of the numerous benefits of steel fencing, like Willow Fencing, is its maintenance-free feature, saving you significant costs in the long run and sparing you countless hours of time and hassle associated with treating and maintaining wooden fences.


Unlike wood, Willows steel fencing doesn’t demand regular painting, staining, or sealing to maintain its appearance and functionality. Resistant to rot, rust, and wind damage, it’s less likely to degrade over time or necessitate expensive repairs. This applies to our product ranges as well.


The sleek and stylish appearance of our Willows Fencing range results from a variety of colours and design elements, making it a stunning addition to any outdoor space and enhancing the overall look and feel of your property.

Willows Fencing is the ideal choice for those seeking a fencing product that seamlessly combines form and function, durability, and beauty, serving as a practical and aesthetically pleasing garden fence, rail, shed, or gate solution throughout the UK.


In the face of climate change and increasing severe winds and storms, steel fencing like Willows Fencing offers unparalleled durability and strength. Wooden fencing products are often vulnerable to damage from extreme weather conditions, leaving homes and gardens exposed to potential risks.


Constructed with advanced manufacturing techniques, Willows Fencing products not only resist winds up to 130mph but are also fireproof. This makes steel fencing an ideal solution for both residential and commercial properties, ensuring safety and security. Our product has a zero rating for each risk factor in the fire hazard properties index, assuring you that you’ve made the right choice.

Contacted colourfence to get new fence erected at the rear of my garden. The price quoted was competitive and agreed. The staff from colourfence were very professional during the installation and maintained a tidy work are throughout the project. Great job and thanks ColourFence.

Amazing job, our fences (front and back) were fitted in 2 days!! The colourfence team were very professional and friendly! The fences are beautiful and secure, highly recommended!

Where can Colourfence be installed

Where can Colourfence be installed

ColourFence can be installed in various locations, including: Residential Properties: Ideal for homes of all sizes, ColourFence provides a durable and low-maintenance fencing solution that enhances the aesthetics and security of residential properties. Gardens:...

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