Purchasing a durable and Reliable Fence for Long-lasting Security

What is the intended purpose of your fence? For most homeowners, a sturdy and secure fence holds significant importance. Clarifying the primary function of your fencing is a wise starting point. If delineating property boundaries is your aim, opting for a taller, opaque fence that obstructs views from neighbours and passersby can offer privacy and security. Alternatively, if your objective is to segment your garden into different areas for various purposes, lower fencing or metal railings may be more suitable.

When determining the size and placement of your fence, consider your specific requirements. At ColourFence, we customise fences and railings to any dimensions you require, with extra attention to fences exceeding two meters in height, which may necessitate planning permission. For guidance on sizing, refer to our resources.

While wooden fence panels commonly adhere to a standard size of 1.8m, replacing existing fences while utilizing current posts might limit your options regarding height, width, and design. Precise measurements are crucial to avoid purchasing ill-fitting fencing panels, which could prove costly. In contrast, ColourFence includes fence posts in the price of our metal fence panels, ensuring you receive precisely what you need.

Maintenance is a critical consideration, particularly for individuals with busy schedules or limited mobility. Wooden fencing necessitates annual treatment or painting to maintain its condition, albeit it will still deteriorate over time and likely require replacement within a decade. Are you willing to invest time annually in maintaining your fence, or would you prefer outsourcing this task?

Furthermore, factor in the impact of storms and adverse weather conditions. Wooden fences are prone to storm damage, including breakage, slat and panel detachment, or complete collapse. Opting for a robust, low-maintenance fence ensures peace of mind and minimizes future headaches. With ColourFence, occasional hosing down is the only maintenance required, and the vibrant color is guaranteed for 25 years.

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