Trellis Atop Fences: Advantages of Incorporating Trellis into Your Fence Design

When contemplating the addition of a new fence to your garden, the question of whether to include fence top trellis often arises. To aid in your decision-making process, explore the benefits of incorporating trellis and the versatile possibilities it offers:

Enhanced Light Infiltration: Fence top trellis is particularly advantageous for gardens with limited sunlight during certain periods of the day. The trellis allows the sun to filter through, casting a charming pattern on your lawn or patio.

Appealing to Plants: For gardening enthusiasts, training climbers, roses, or other attractive flowers along the trellis creates a visually pleasing border, adding vertical interest to your garden.

Heightened Security: Beyond its aesthetic appeal, fence top trellis contributes to security by making it challenging for intruders to hide behind the fence and more difficult for them to climb over

Decorative Element: Many individuals prefer the decorative look of fencing with fence top trellis to add extra visual interest to their garden borders. With ColourFence, you can even choose contrasting colors for the trellis to complement your main panel

Personalization Opportunities: Customise your fence further with decorative items such as hanging baskets, bird feeders, or unique adornments. From butterflies to zebras, the possibilities are vast. Discuss your preferences with your installer, and even consider matching hanging basket brackets with your ColourFence

Versatile Design Options: Fence top trellis offers various design options. With ColourFence, you have the flexibility to mix and match colors to create the perfect combination. Whether you choose to adorn the trellis with add-ons, train plants along it, or leave it as is, rest assured that it comes with a 25-year guarantee.

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